"Back to School 2017" Dinner


La Romana, Dominican Republic - The non-profit ELSERLIBREYFELIZ, Inc. held its first pro-fund "Back to School" dinner for the Special Education School Father Sebastian Cavalotto in the "La Casita" Restaurant at the La Romana city, Dominican Republic.


During the pro-funds activity for The School of Special Education Father Sebastian Cavalotto the  ELSERLIBREYFELIZ, announced that this dinner is the first of many that will be celebrated in favor of children and adolescents with special needs and disability of Cavalotto School. He indicated that the funds raised in this and future pro-funds "Back to School" dinners will be used for school materials, maintenance products and other priorities that the administration of the School of Special Education deems necessary at the time of receiving these funds.


Thanks to sponsors

Andrés Vélez Cordero, founder of the non-profit 'ElSerLibreYFeliz',  thanked the institutional support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the National Council for Disability (CONADIS), as well as the support of this event from private companies such as the "La Casita" Restaurant, Grisolía & Asociados (Lawyers) and escuchamiRADIO.com.

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Our goal is to prepare the more than 200 Children and Adolescents with special needs and disabilities of the Special Education School Father Sebastian Cavalotto so that they can lead a productive and independent life and at the same time create an environment in their environment of acceptance and Respect through three major components:


1) Diagnosis of general accessibility


2) Improvement of special education


3) Design of a sustainability strategy


The goal is for this intervention effort to be pilot and can be applied in support of other Special Education Schools in the country and later in the United States of America.


To achieve our objectives we see the need to create activities and events such as ELSERLIBREYFELIZ pro-fund "Back to School" Dinner 2018 to request economic, products and services contributions from companies, as well as national and international public/private institutions.

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