INTERNATIONAL GOLF OPEN 2016 at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas


La Romana, Dominican Republic.- The ElSerLibreYFeliz Foundation held its first international charity golf event in the field Dye Fore, of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas for the benefit of the Father Sebastian Cavalotto Special Education School in which there are more than 200 students with disabilities.


Andrés Vélez Cordero, founder of ElSerLibreYFeliz, said that "this foundation seeks to help these young people live a productive and independent life, and raise their self-esteem, which in turn creates an atmosphere of acceptance and respect in their environment."


 The award ceremony was directed by sports journalist Félix Olivo and Ruth Fernández on behalf of the United Nations Development Program, who said that "for UNDP it is of the utmost importance that, in order for people with disabilities to have access to the labor market and can have an independent and accessible life, an inclusive and quality education is necessary from childhood, and Associations such as El Ser Libre and Feliz with activities like this tournament pursue this goal".


At the ceremony held at the La Casita de la Marina restaurant in Casa de Campo, Dr. Manuel Ramón Canela Escaño, "Master of Latin American Gynecology and Obstetrics", was deservedly recognized for his great contributions to science, society and golf, as well as Ms. Begdy Belén who was recognized for her tireless work as School Director.


During the award ceremony, there was also a tribute to the recently deceased local golfer Homero Saviñón, one of the most enthusiastic players and propellers of this sport in this province, as well as Ms. Elena Landoc who worked as a concierge at the Cavalotto school and Mr. Jose Manuel Tejeiro was a psychologist committed to the Father Sebastian Cavalotto Special Education School that develops the Association Being Free and Happy.


The Major League Baseball MVP George Bell conquered the best score 'Gross' of the tournament in the A category, at the end of the day with a total of 35 points. Likewise, the best net score of this category corresponded to Ramón Reyes with 37 points, followed by César Rodríguez 35 and Adam Saviñón 33.


In division B, the young Kevin Rodriguez caught the best score 'Gross accumulating 32 points; while Osvaldo Martínez achieved the maximum net score of the category with 44 points, escorted by Abel González 40 and Valentín Martínez, third also with 40 points. Mary Ledesma, who finished with 40 points, won the honors as the most outstanding female player of the international tournament.


Thanks to sponsors

Andrés Vélez Cordero, founder of the non-profit 'ElSerLibreYFeliz', thanked the institutional support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-RD), as well as the sponsorship of private corporations such as Central Romana Corporation, Ltd., Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, escuchamiRADIO.com, La Casita Marina Restaurant, Atlantic Motors, Higueral Products, Canela Clinic, Galenia Especialidades Médicas, Dom Ham, Marina Casa de Xampo, Eventos & Catering, Simag ARS, Patin Disco, Grisolia & Asociados (Lawyers), among others.

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Our goal is to prepare the more than 200 Children and Adolescents with special needs and disabilities of the Special Education School Father Sebastian Cavalotto so that they can lead a productive and independent life and at the same time create an environment in their environment of acceptance and Respect through three major components:


1) Diagnosis of general accessibility


2) Improvement of special education


3) Design of a sustainability strategy


The goal is for this intervention effort to be pilot and can be applied in support of other Special Education Schools in the country and later in the United States of America.


To achieve our objectives we see the need to create non-profit pro-funds activities and events such as ELSERLIBREYFELIZ INTERNATIONAL GOLF OPEN 2018 and request economic, products and services contributions from companies, as well as national and international public/private institutions.

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