ELSERLIBREYFELIZ celebrates its inauguration with the UNDP-RD on the Zero Discrimination Day


La Romana, Dominican Republic. - The launch of the non-profit ELSERLIBREYFELIZ was held on March 1 "Zero Discrimination Day" at the Marina Casa de Campo of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, in the La Romana city, Dominican Republic. with the institutional support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


Message from the Founder of the ELSERLIBREYFELIZ:


"The inauguration of our non-profit is celebrated today March 1, 2016 on the Zero Discrimination Day,  for the protection of those who can not defend themselves and are discriminated against.


Once  Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, I quote "The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather feeling unloved, not cared for and abandoned by everyone."


The School of Special Education Father Sebastian Cavalotto is one of several educational works of this great priest who was clear about this need. This school is our pilot plan to develop a national model, for which we have the institutional support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


The Cavalotto School has 37 years established in the city of La Romana in the Villaverde sector, operating with limitations of many resources in the training of its more than 200 students with special needs, understand children and adolescents with autism, Down syndrome , cerebral palsy, deafness, intellectual disability, among other disabilities that affect children and are due to some wrong functioning of the brain.


The children and adolescents who suffer from these disabilities are sources of much anguish, sadness and stress in their family, but at the same time they are the object of much love and humanitarian effort.


For a decade we have collaborated with a group of friends and companies making sure that the Christmas parties at the Cavalotto School are memorable and happy occasion for all the students with special needs and disbility, their parents, teachers and school staff.


The time has come to strengthen this initial effort. With your support, together we will make the improvement of the School's facilities, the educational program, the care and follow-up of psychological treatments, education, training and pedagogical and therapeutic update, all a programmed effort for the benefit of these children, adolescents, their relatives and the La Romana city community.


There is still a misconception of children and adolescents with special needs, considered incapable of growing up and becoming adults with the potential to work, run a business, pursue higher education, among other negative and uncertain social perceptions. Our ELSRLIBREYFELIZ foundation, together with the UNDP and other collaborators will work hard to change this adverse perception for a truth full of opportunities, hope, openness and cooperation.


Every BEING must have engraved in his mind and soul that he is a FREE, useful, valuable person, with opportunities AND the right to be HAPPY. God bless us all!"

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Our goal is to prepare the more than 200 Children and Adolescents with special needs and disabilities of the Special Education School Father Sebastian Cavalotto so that they can lead a productive and independent life and at the same time create an environment in their environment of acceptance and Respect through three major components:


1) Diagnosis of general accessibility


2) Improvement of special education


3) Design of a sustainability strategy


The goal is for this intervention effort to be pilot and can be applied in support of other Special Education Schools in the country and later in the United States of America.


To achieve our objectives we see the need to create non-profit pro-funds activities and events such as ELSERLIBREYFELIZ INTERNATIONAL GOLF OPEN 2018 and request economic, products and services contributions from companies, as well as national and international public/private institutions.

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